Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

(1) A new type material lifting device, designed based on mural jib crane.

(2) Its rail is installed on concrete post in workshop,it can move on longitudinal direction, at the same time, the electric hoist can achieve the horizontal direction off the jib and the vertical lifting direction.

(3) This crane greatly expand and make full use of the work space, which is more convenient to use.

(4) Used in workshop or storage, where is wide and high. If it is near to wall, it is applied to work in high frequency.

(5) The crane is usually used matching with bridge crane on ceiling. It is placed near to wall working in a cuboid space, mainly lift light objects.

Application scope

1.The wall travelling ground mounted jib crane is the second transport level which carries goods independently from overhead cranes.

2.It provides fluent moving of materials on an every level of the workshop.

3.Equipped by wire rope hoists with low headroom or chain hoists series.

Technical Data

Traveling on wall

Load capacity : 0.5-5 tons

Arm length : 3-6 meter

Lifting height :3-8 meter

Power source : electric motor


The Structure Sketch

  • Diagrama institucional

Application Examples

Production, Packaging And Transportation

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