Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

1.Smooth starting and stopping

2.Safe and reliable traveling

3.Low noise, commodious cabin and good view

4.Convenient maintenance, excellent exchange ability for parts and components

5.Saves electricity specifications

Main application

China double beam mobile hydraulic Rubber Tyre Mounted Gantry Crane are lifting cranes mounted on Tyre often used to replace rail mounted gantry cranes for lifting and handling heavy loads in casting yards, factories, storage areas, ports and marinas.

Compared with normal rail mounted gantry cranes, Rubber tires mobile straddle carrier gantry crane are more flexible in handling and manipulating heavy objects under any circumstances. The lifting capacity is generally between 50t~900 t. Each machine is designed and manufactured under strict supervision to meet customer needs.


Mechanism Item Unit Result
Lifting capacity ton 30.5-50
Lifting height m 15.4-18.2
Span m 35
 Working environment temperature °C -20~40
Speed Hoisting 12 m/min 12-18
24 24-36
Crane 45
Trolley 60-70
Working system A6
Power source three-Phase A C 50HZ 380V

The Structure Sketch

Production Workshop