Benefits At A Glance

In General

Compact structure, small size, light body weight

Reliable, easy operation, wide using scope.


Widely used in factory, storage, wind-power station, logistics, port and construction field.

Used for lifting or loading. Or lifting heavy objects for working or repairation.

It can be controlled by handle on ground or wire(no-wire) remote controller.

It can be suspended and fixed for using, or matched with monorail electric trolley(as following pictures.)

Structure Features

The body chooses to use high strength tensile shell or die casting aluminum case, extrusion molding process thin-walled precision manufacturing, small size, low weight, high strength.

Seperate speed-adjusting system, seal the level 2 coaxial transmission speed gear mechanism with long-service oil bath lubrication system.

The electric hoist powder metallurgy clutch is used for overload protection device. The brake disc adopts dc magnetic field, braking torque, stable and rapid, the noise is small.


Product Type: HHBB

Lifting Capacity:0.5t~35t

Lifting Height: 3~50m

Working Class: M3,M4

Speed:Double speed and single speed

Ambient Temperature:-20~40℃

Customization is acceptable:Yes



Using high performance lifting motor which can last to work 30 minutes with full loading,and has Grade B insulation.



Using high performance lifting motor which can last to work 30 minutes with full loading,and has Grade B insulation.



The hook is hot forged with perfect strength that is hard to break.

360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece.



The chain of the low carbon steel alloy makes the chain more toughness,

strong and wear-resisting, ensuring the safety during work.

Lifting chain hardened surface can prevent the damage of the core materials

and products to soften, thus make lifting chain keep for a long time high performance.

The chain can be also extended according to the request of customers' order,

and allows you to use more conveniently.

Control handle with low voltage


The standard low-voltage on chain hoist handle is 24v-36v.

Low voltage can effectively protect the operator to prevent a shock damage.

(24V-36V is compulsive National standard.)

The Structure Sketch

Hook type electric chain hoist
Electric chain hoist with manual trolley
Electric chain hoist with electric trolley
Low headroom electric chain hoist


Other type hoist

  • MD Wire rope electric hoist

  • Explosion-proof electric hoist

  • HC type electric hoist

  • Coaxial double hook hoist

  • Metallurgical electric hoist

  • Low-head room hoist

  • Electric chain hoist

  • EURO type electric hoist

  • Double girder electric hoist