Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

The tire gantry crane is suitable for flat roads and can be designed as 2-wheel drive, 2-wheel steering, or 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering. The driving wheel can be driven by a motor or a hydraulic motor, equipped with a diesel generator.

1. Flexible scope of work.

2. no need install rail on ground.

3. The wheels can rotate 90 degrees in place.

Supply Scope

Our company produce tire gantry crane series with electric hoist ,mainly with the lifting capacity of 5-100t, span 5-30m, the lifting height of 5-12m, and the light (A3/A7) working duty, also can design and manufacture non-standard series crane according to your demands.

Technical Data

Load capacity: up to 100 tons.

Span:up to 30m.

Long-travel speed : up to 40m/min.

Cross-travel speed: up to 40 m/min.

Lifting speed: up to 8m/min.


Non-standard specifications on request Gantry Frame

Mainly composed of main girder, wheel, landing legs, outrigger, ladders, platforms, driver's room, etc.

Rubber tire gantry crane main beam


1.Single girder, made by the high quality I steel and high quality U-shaped slot into composition.

2.Material Q235B or Q345B(similar as Fe37 or Fe52).

3.Main girders connected with bolts.

Rubber tire gantry crane landing leg


1.Consists of top flange, bottom flange and box structural support beams welded by steel plate.

2.The landing leg become conversion section structure which is big end up at the result of big top flange and small bottom flange.

3.Main girder and the two legs which symmetrically arranged on the two sides of it are connected with bolts to fasten the two flanges.

Rubber tire gantry crane ground beam 


Welded by angle steel, flat steel, round steel, etc.

Connected with bolts and the angle steel that welded on the landing leg to avoid on-site welding. Easy assembly.

Rubber tire gantry crane rubber wheel


1.Four rubber wheel by electric motor driven.

2.Quick and easy assembly.

3.Portable design allows for relocation for use in more than one.

4.facility or work area.

5.To adapt to a variety of narrow environment, flexible and reliable, can be electric, can be customized.

Rubber mounted gantry crane driven system 


The picture shows the electric motor drive also can make hydraulic motor driven.

The structure sketch ▽

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