Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

1. Steel structure: Q235B/Q345B carbon structural steel with seamless once forming technology more strong and elegant. Suitable for different operation temperature;

2. Lifting mechanism: Reducer, drum, motors protection class F class, China or World top quality motor brands, such as Nanjing motor, ABM, etc;

3. Hook: Finest steel forged hook, long using life;

4. Wheels: Vacuum casting, with compact structure, convenient maintenance, high transmission efficiency and long service life;

5. Travel mechanism: With China or world famous crane motor, reducer supplier, such as Nanjing motor, SEW etc;

6. Electrics: Chint, Schneider or Siemens etc.

Supply Scope

Our company produce Double girder gantry crane series with electric hoist ,mainly with the lifting capacity of 5-80t, span 8-30m, the lifting height of 6-30m, and the light (A3/A7) working duty, also can design and manufacture non-standard series hoist according to your demands.

Technical Data

Load capacity: up to 80 tons.

Span: up to 30m.

Long-travel speed : up to 40m/min.

Cross-travel speed: up to 40 m/min.

Lifting speed: up to 15m/min.


Non-standard specifications on request Gantry Frame

Mainly composed of main girder, ground beam, landing legs, outrigger, ladders, platforms, driver's room, etc.

Main girder


With strong box type and standard camber have reinforcement plate inside the main girder

Hoisting Trolley


Double speed & VFD speed control Motor reducer,brake three in one, A variety of types are available.



The wheels of crane crab,main beam and end carriage are produced in our special Vacuum casting workshop which makes our wheels more elastic and outer surface hard-wearing and durable.

Cable reel


Using spiral springs as power without electric energy consumption to keep reliable in operation;Equipped with reversible unit/guide pulley to avoid the reel counter-rotating to break the springs;Power supply easily, safety and reliability in operation.

Electrical Control System


Schneider Siemens electrical components 200,000 times service life Aviation plug,

Class IP55 protection IEC standard testing.

Variable Frequency Motor


Compact design: motors + brake + gearbox HRC60 hardened gear Stepless travelling Heavy duty 60%ED rating Class IP55 protection, F Insulation Electromagnetic Disc brake.

Cabin Control


High flexibility and reliability.

Provide a comfortable working environment.

The structure sketch ▽

  • Overall Organization Drawing

Application Examples

Production, Packaging And Transportation

  • Welding

  • Steel sheet cutting

  • Assemble and test

  • Production workshop

  • Test workshop

  • Wooden box package

  • Sea transportation

  • Railway transportation

  • Automobile transportation