Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

1.Light weight

2. Small size limit

3. High level of work

4. Good performance, high reliability and low failure rate

5. Chain sprocket, easy in job-hopping, more stable

6. Work with low noise, overload ability, braking torque.

Applicable scope

1.Wire Rope Guide Pulley Electric Wire Rope Guide Wire Pore With Low Price is also called roller Fairlead, is one of the accessories of the electric hoist

2. its role is to make the wire rope can be neatly arranged on the drum, to prevent wire rope confusion, overlap, and so on, thus causing mechanical failure of the electric hoist, damage to the electric hoist.

Technical Data

Rated loading capacity Configuration 0.5T 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T 16T 20T
 Drum diameter(mm) Steel 158 165 210 238 265 335 340 420
 Drum diameter(mm) Cast iron 172 215 250 285

The Structure Sketch

  • Reference drawing

Production Workshop

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