Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

1. Easy to install, replace and transport.

2. Stable operation, fast speed, good conductivity and contact performance

3. No joint, continuous power supply

4. Small space, low noise

5. Low voltage drop

6. Long service life

7. The minimum bend radius reaches 750mm.

Applicable scope

1. The crane conductor bus bar is widely used in the crane,hoist fields.

2. The conductor bus bar is oxygen-free copper,perfect conductivity,pure quality,well proportioned and bright color.the insulated materials is PVC,adding the speciality of shock-resistance and ultraviolet-resistance,fine,physical property.

3.It has simple structure and easy on installation.

Technical Data

POLES Conductor Cross Section (mm2) Max Current (A)
3 3*10mm2 50A
3 3*15mm2 80A
3 3*20mm2 100A
3 3*25mm2 120A
3 3*35mm2 140A
4 4*10mm2 50A
4 3*15mm2+1*10mm2 80A
4 3*20mm2+1*10mm2 100A
4 3*25mm2+1*12.5mm2 120A
4 3*25mm2+1*15mm2 140A
6 6*10mm2 50A
6 6*15mm2 80A

The Structure Sketch

  • Connection Diagram

Production Workshop

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