Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

1. Low noise, commodious cabin and good view .

2. Safe and reliable traveling .

3. Smooth starting and stopping ,Saves electricity specifications .

4. Excellent exchange ability for parts ,Convenient maintenance

5. Overload limiter , Limit switch (lifting and traveling) , Interlock protection device , Buffer , Anti Collision device and so on .

Applicable scope

1.Bridge Crane End Beam use rectangular tube manufacturing module, buffer motor drive, match with forged wheels, using numerical control lathe boring and milling of various Customized machine

2.A set of end beams consists of 2 frames, 4 wheels (2 active, 2 driven), 2 motors, 2 reducers, 4 bumpers (anti-collision device), and 2 hanging plates (connecting plate)

3.simple structure, light weight, space utilization high, low noise and maintenance

Technical Data

End carriage mode Application of crane model Rectanglar steel tube Wheel size Motor power
L125-15 1t-7.5m 150*150*6 W125*60 0.3KW*2
L125-20 1t-11.5m
L125-25 1t-16.5m
L160-15 2t/3t-7.5m 150*200*8 W160*70 0.4KW*2
L160-20 2t/3t-11.5m
L160-25 2t/3t-16.5m
L200-20 5t-11.5m 150*250*8 W200*70 0.4KW*2
L200-25 5t-16.5m
L200-30 5t-22.5m

The Structure Sketch

Application Examples

Production And Packaging

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