Benefits At A Glance

Overall Features

1. Compact structure, new style, beautiful shape.

2. Good technology, long service life.

3. Large load capacity, high working duty.

4. Stable and flexible operation, safe and reliable.

5. Wide application, high performance/price ratio.

Supply Scope

Lifting capacity 5t-550t, span 10. 5m-31.5m, lifting height 1m-30m, working duty is medium (A5, A6).Also supply non-standard products according to your requirements.


1. Applied to materials handling between fixed span, and it’s one of the most widely used crane with the largest number of varieties of different specifications.

2. Widely used in carrying, assemble and unassemble of general weights, and also can equipped with various special hoists for special operation.

3. Forbid to use in the conditions as easily combustible, explosive, corrosive (acid, alkali, plating, steam,etc.).


Working ambient -25°C~ +40°C, moisture≤85%, altitude below 1000 meters, power supply 380V, 50Hz ,3phases (Adjustable according to customer’ s different requirem ent).

Technical Data

Product Type: QD

Lifting Capacity:5~550t


Lifting Height:According your demands

Working Class: A4~A7

Ambient Temperature:-20~40℃

Support Customization: Yes   

Main girder


1.Double main girder, welded box girder and camber meet national standard.

2.Steel material is Q235B or Q345B (similar to foreign steel type Fe37 or Fe52).

3. Main weld adopt Lincoln welding and nondestructive test.

End girder


1.Main end beam is rigid connection. The middle of the two end beam is detachable connected by bolts.

2.The whole bridge is separate into two pieces for transportation and installation.



Consists of trolley frame, lifting mechanism and trolley traveling mechanism, etc.

1.Welded of steel plate with high intensity and strong rigidity.

2.Equipped with lifting mechanism and trolley traveling mechanism.

Electrical Equipment


1.Trolley conductor or angle steel conductor power supply

2.Hoist and crane Separately control, move separately or together

3.Flat cable or special cable power supply for electric hoist

4.Galvanize slide and cable trolley, smoothly moving, appearance is aesthetics

5.Electrical non-contact speed regulation control module

6.Operation, hoisting, the point start are very smoothly

7.Power leading has both methods of current collector and flexible cable

Bus bar/Slide wire


Electric cabinet



Safety Device

1.Outdoor cranes are equipped with lifting mechanism,

2.electrical control box and rainproof devices

3.Overloading alarm, two grade of top dashing proof protection

4.Crane buffer

5.Anti-collision, sound and light alarm devices

6.Circuit self-check protector

7.Flow phase lack protection

Lifting limit switch

Electrical protection

Weight overload limiter


Traveling limit switch



1.Ground control and cabin control

2.The cabin has open style, close style,can fixed on left or right

3.The open direction include end open,side open or top open

4.The cabin includes special small room for single-girder and capsule cabin

5.Ground control has handle and remote control, do not need to set up special driver

6.Users can choose as you need


Pendant control


Remote control


Cabin control

The Structure Sketch

QD Type Hook Bridge Crane mainly consists of bridge, trolley travelling mechanism,crab and electrical appliances, and is divided into 2 working grades of A5 and A6 according to the use frequency. This crane operation is completed in driver' s chamber.

Production and transportation

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