Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

(1) It is also called wall type jib crane or Mural Jib crane.

(2) Support,jib device and lifting device.

(3) The lifting device include electric hoist and chain block

(4) The jib is fixed on wall or concrete pillar, rotating can be planned by client’s requirement.

(5) The rotating device is operated by hand or electric.

Application Scope

(1) Equipped with Electric chain hoist, wire rope hoist, mini hoist

(2) Widely used in docks, freight yards, warehouses, construction sites and other open space.

(3) Prohibited to use in the flammable, explosive, corrosive media environment.

Supply Scope

Our company supply the BX Type Mural Jib Crane with lifting capacity: 0.25~1t, Working radius:4~6m,lifting height 5~6m, low work class A3. We also design and manufacture the nonstandard crane according users’ demanding.

Technical Data

Load capacity: 0.25~1t,

Working radius:4~6m

lifting height 5~6m

Working class A3



The special engineering plastic wheel with rolling bearing has the advantages of small friction force and light walking speed.

2.Power Supply

It's used in workshops, warehouse,ports and other fixed places widely


Optional wire rope hoist or chain hoist

4.Electrical Appliances

intelligent-Control Schneider brand, limit switch, overload protection, safety usage and control

5.Wired handle

The operation is safe, and the situation can be controlled in time

The Structure Sketch

  • Diagrama institucional

Application Examples

Production, Packaging And Transportation

  • Sandblasting

  • Automic Cutting

  • Spraying Workshop

  • Assembly Site