Benefits At A Glance

In General

1. Reasonable design, small size, Low headroom

2. Maximize lifting height, so as to play workshop’s efficacy

3. Light dead weight, low wheel loading.

4. Advanced technology, functional, energy saving and efficient

5. Frequency control of motor speed, stable travelling

Supply Scope

Weiying company mainly manufactures electric overhead cranes with lifting capacity of 5t-32t, span of 7.5m-31.5m, lifting height of 3m-30m, working class (A3、 A4), also can design and manufacture according to requirements.

Technical Data

Product Type:LH type

Lifting Capacity: 1~32t

Hoist height:1-30 m

Span:Max 31.5 m

Working class:A3-A5

Control:pendant control,remote control

Power supply:380V 50HZ 3 phase

Ambient Temperature: -20~40℃


Mainly have bridge frame, trolley, crane travelling mechanism and electrical equipments.

Bridge Frame

Consisted with main girder, end girder, walking board, column, testing cage,

cabin and its working platform

Main girder


1. Double main girder, welded in box shape, The arch degrees comply with the national requirements.

2. Steel material model is Q235B or Q345B(similar as Fe37 or Fe52)

3. Main and end girders are connected by strong bolts

4. The rail can be fixed on middle of main girder or partial of main girder

5. Metall structure is Steel with pretreatment process

6. Main welding submerged are welded automatic, nondestructive flaw detection

End girder


1. End girder is welded by rectangle tube or quality steel plate

2. Main girder and end girder is connected by bolts

3. Buffers settled at the ends of end girder

Electric hoist


1.Lifting Mechanism - CD or MD wire rope hoist

Crane Traveling Mechanism

2.Drive separately, composed of traveling motor, traveling reducer, wheel group, etc.

Electrical Equipment


1. Trolley conductor or angle steel conductor power supply

2. Hoist and crane Separately control, move separately or together

3. Flat cable or special cable power supply for electric hoist

4. Galvanize slide and cable trolley, smoothly moving, appearance is aesthetics

5. Electrical non-contact speed regulation control module

6. Operation, hoisting, the point start are very smoothly

7. Power leading has both methods of current collector and flexible cable

Bus bar/Slide wire

Electric cabinet


Safety Device


1. Outdoor cranes are equipped with lifting mechanism,

2. electrical control box and rainproof devices

3. Overloading alarm, two grade of top dashing proof protection

4. Crane buffer

5. Anti-collision, sound and light alarm devices

6. Circuit self-check protector

7. Flow phase lack protection

Lifting limit switch

Electrical protection

Weight overload limiter


Traveling limit switch



1. Ground control and cabin control

2. The cabin has open style, close style,can fixed on left or right

3. The open direction include end open,side open or top open

4. The cabin includes special small room for single-girder and capsule cabin

5. Ground control has handle and remote control, do not need to set up

special driver

6. Users can choose as you need

Pendant control

Remote control

Cabin control

The Structure Sketch

  • Structure sketch

Application Examples

Production, Packaging And Transportation

  • Welding

  • Steel sheet cutting

  • Assemble and test

  • Raincloth packaging

  • Wooden box package

  • Wooden box package

  • Sea transportation

  • Railway transportation

  • Automobile transportation

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