Benefits At A Glance

The machine features

1.1 Compact structure, light, safe and reliable;

1.2 High universality component, can be easily interchanged

1.3 Light dead weight, small in size, large lifting capacity

1.4 Explosion-proof type

1.5 Hoist exposed parts are all adopt special no-spark materials,reliable explosion-proof performance

1.6 Explosion-proof mark is Exd II BT4 or Exd II Ct4, temperatureclass is explosive gas mixture of T 1-T4 group (see table 1 and 2)

1.7 Pass the explosion-proof performance testing of ministry of machinery industry explosion-proofelectric products quality supervision and inspection center Jiamusi branch center, and presented the flame-proof certification

1.8 In accordance with GB3836-2000 planning and design, manufacture and acceptance

Supply scope

Our company mainly produce hoist series with the lifting capacity of 0. 25-63t, the lifting height of 1~ 100m, low working class M3. We also design and manufacture non-standard series products according to your demands.

Main application

Hanging on the I beam; moving in straight or curve line; can be installed in the fixed support to

lift the heavy materials, using with the explosion-proof single or double beam crane.

Mainly applicable to class B and C of type I and type II, places explosive dangerous with the temperature group ofT1-T4.


Capacity : from 0.5 T to 32t

Lift height: 3m to 60 m

Working duty: A3, A4,A5

Speed:single speed

Voltage:380/220/400/440V 50/60HZ 3phase CE, TUV, GOST certificate, Top quality


Explosive-proof grade

There are two types of electrical equipments using in prescribed conditions will not cause an explosive.


Burning environment

Type1|: electric equipment in underground coal mine

Type 2: all others explosive environment using electric equipment except underground coal mine.

Structure Layout


Stationary type and operation type both included.

As shown on the right: A1、A2、A3、A4 separately fixed on the up, down, left and right side.

A2 always used on the trolley of double beam crane with hoist.

It is usually operation type without special explanation, traveling along with beams.

Lifting Motor


Adopt professional manufactured fully enclosed tapered rotor asynchronous explosion-proof series motor.

Max torque is 2 or 3 times more than full-load torque, safe and reliable when using.

Grade B or F insulation, motor protection degree IP44/IP54.

Travelling Motor


Flameproof BZDY series conical rotor thee-phase asynchronous motor,the brake part is flat brake, the braking torque is small,

the braking process is slow to avoid parking hanging heavy objects shaking.

Motor working duty s4, benchmark load sustained rate of 25%,120 times equivalent starting per hour.

Speed reducer


Adopt standard module cylindrical gear, easy for maintainance,all installed antifriction bearing.The gears and gear shaft made with heat treatment alloy steel,high strength.

High quality cast iron shell , shaped by machining center, assembly rigor, dust proof.

Reducer is a separate part, convenient for assemble and un-assemble.

Reliable driving, high efficiency.



1.Hook end uses card board type structure.

2.When explosion-proof degree is DIIT4. hook head made of stainless steel.

The Structure Sketch


Other type hoist

  • MD Wire rope electric hoist

  • Explosion-proof electric hoist

  • HC type electric hoist

  • Coaxial double hook hoist

  • Metallurgical electric hoist

  • Low-head room hoist

  • Electric chain hoist

  • EURO type electric hoist

  • Double girder electric hoist

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