Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

(1)Easy to operate, good stability, no impact, no shaking, high safety performance.

(2)High-quality aluminum alloy structure, high safety and good stability.

(3)Sandblasting treatment on the surface of the parts reaches Sa2.5 level to ensure high corrosion resistance.

(4)All shaft pins are treated with wear-resistance and electroplating, and most of the exposed parts are treated with galvanizing or plating to effectively resist corrosion.

Product Configuration

(1) Emergency descent system.

(2) Leveling Device.

(3) Support Leg.

(4) Auxiliary walk.

(5) Remote control.

Technical Data

Product name: Aluminium alloy lift platform

Model: GTWY

Carrying capacity: 100kg~300kg

Lifting height: 4m~18m

Operation: Move by hand,up and down by electric.

Type Model Platform height Load capacity Platform size Weight Overall size
Single mast GTWY-4-1 4m 100kg 0.6*0.6m 280kg 1.3*0.8*1.98m
GTWY-6-1 6m 150kg 0.65*0.65m 360kg 1.42*0.78*1.97m
GTWY-8-1 8m 130kg 0.65*0.65m 380kg 1.42*0.78*1.97m
GTWY-10-1 10m 130kg 0.65*0.65m 420kg 1.42*0.78*1.97
Double mast GTWY-6-2 6m 300kg 1.2*0.63m 510kg 1.55*0.85*2.0m
GTWY-8-2 8m 300kg 1.5*0.63m 550kg 1.55*0.85*2.0m
GTWY-10-2 10m 250kg 1.5*0.63m 690kg 1.84*0.85*2.0m
GTWY-12-2 12m 200kg 1.5*0.63m 730kg 1.84*0.85*2.0m
GTWY-14-2 14m 150kg 1.5*0.63m 790kg 1.95*1.05*2.39m
Three mast GTWY-12-3 12m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1050kg 1.9*1.1*1.98m
GTWY-14-3 14m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1120kg 1.9*1.2*2.3m
GTWY-16-3 16m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1200kg 2.0*1.2*2.7m
Four mast GTWY-12-4 12m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1050kg 1.9*1.2*2.0m
GTWY-14-4 14m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1150kg 1.9*1.2*2.3m
GTWY-16-4 16m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1250kg 1.9*1.2*2.7m
GTWY-18-4 18m 200kg 1.57*0.9m 1480kg 2.0*1.4*2.96m

Control box

The power line of the control box adopts 100% copper wire,4 square wires within the height of 10m and 6 square wires within the height of 20m

Telescopic rod

The material of the boom is Q235 rectangular tube, to make the machine more stable.


GTWY Aluminum alloy lifting platform adopts non-trace polyurethane tire, can be used in important places, no damage to the ground, skid resistance and wear resistance.

Non-slip mesa

Lifting platform table adopts anti-slip pattern design, which can make staff safer and improve work efficiency.

Emergency Descent

In the event of power failure,this bracket can be rotated to allow the machine to descend form a high altitude.

The Structure Sketch

  • Single mast (4m,6m,8m,10m)

  • Double mast(6m,8m,10m,12m,14m)

  • Three mast(12m,14m,16m)

Application Examples

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