Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

0.9m extended table to increase the working range.

The smallest turning radius in the industry, compact body design, easy to work in a narrow space.

Intelligent control lifting system, make the work more convenient, improve work efficiency

Automatic pothole protection system and tilt protection system provide maximum safety.

Non-slip and wear-resistant solid tires, capable of 360° rotation.

Product Configuration

(1)Heavy weight sensor.(Optional configuration)

(2)Connect to the AC power supply of the platform.(Optional configuration)

(3)Platform working light.(Optional configuration)

(4)Proportional control.

(5)Infinitely variable speed.

(6)Tilt protection system.

(7)Platform self-locking door.

(8)Extension platform.

Technical Data

Product name:Self propelled scissor lift platform


Type:Electric drive , hydraulic drive.

Carrying capacity : 230kg~500kg

Lifting height : 6m~14m

Operation : Full electric.

Electric drive
Model Table size(m)



Platform height Overall size(m) Extension of platform(m) Overall weight(kg)
GTJZD-6 2.26*1.13 230kg 6m 2.4791.17*2.29 0.9 1900
GTJZD-8 2.26*1.13 230kg 8m 2.47*1.17*2.31 0.9 2060
GTJZD-10 2.26*1.13 230kg 10m 2.47*1.17*2.43 0.9 2300
GTJZD-10 2.26*1.13 320kg 10m 2.47*1.17*2.43 0.9 2730
GTJZD-12 2.26*1.13 230kg 12m 2.47*1.17*2.55 0.9 2460
GTJZD-12 2.26*1.13 320kg 12m 2.47*1.17*2.55 0.9 2860
Hydraulic drive
Model Table size(m)



Platform height Overall size(m) Extension of platform(m) Overall weight(kg)
GTJZ-6A 2.26*0.81 380kg 6m 2.48*0.81*2.18 0.9 1880
GTJZ-6A 2.26*1.13 550kg 8m 2.475*1.15*2.158 0.9 2060
GTJZ-8A 2.26*0.81 230kg 8m 2.48*0.85*1.85 0.9 2030
GTJZ-8A 2.26*1.13 450 kg 8m 2.48*1.19*1.82 0.9 2190
GTJZ-10A 2.26*1.13 320kg 10m 2.495*1.187*1.92 0.9 2500
GTJZD-12 2.26*1.13 320kg 11.8m 2.475*1.15*2.542 0.9 2960
GTJZ-14A 2.64*1.13 227kg 13.8m 2.84*1.40*2.60 0.9 3390


Q345 Manganese steel

Robot welding base, to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment, long service life.


The battery is imported from the United States Trojan battery, fully ensure the high efficiency of the work, long use time

Intelligent control system

The humanized operation interface is equipped with icons to indicate the requirements of each action, which is simple and easy to understand, will not cause misoperation, and enhances safety.

Support structure

Q345 manganese steel structure, the surface of the large - scale sand blasting shot derusting.


Self-propelled scissor lift platform adopts non-trace polyurethane tire, can be used in advanced places, no damage to the ground, skid resistance and wear resistance


0.9M extension table, can expand the scope of work, improve work efficiency.

Adopt anti-skid pattern design, more safety

The Structure Sketch

  • scissor lift (6m,8m,10m,12m,14m)

Packing and Transportation

Factory Show

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