Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

1. portable craneIt is easy to move and disassemble, with 4 variable positioning wheels, two of which are locked with 90 degree angle direction.

2. our lightweight mobile crane is an idea auxiliary equipment for your warehouse.

3. Wear-resistant polyurethane wheels. Small rolling resistance, easy to move, safe and reliable. Modularized design,beam and column bolted connection, easy installation.

Supply Scope

Our company produce Portable Gantry Crane series with electric hoist, mainly with the lifting capacity of 1-10t, span 2-8m, the lifting height of 4-9m, and the light (A3/A4) working duty, also can design and manufacture non-standard series crane according to your demands.

Technical Data

load capacity: up to 10 tons.

Span:up to 9m.

Long-travel speed : up to 10m/min.

Cross-travel speed: up to 20m/min.

Lifting speed: up to 8m/min.


Non-standard specifications on request Gantry Frame

Mainly composed of main girder, ground beam, landing legs, outrigger, ladders, platforms, driver's room, etc.

Flange and bolt to
connect each steel structure

Electric motor wheel driven

Universal wheel

Electric wire hoist

Electrical control box

 + hand control


Height adjustable


Schneider Electric


Manual height adjustment


Warning light (optional)


Wireless Controller


The structure sketch ▽

  • Overall Organization Drawing

Aluminum alloy portable gantry Aluminum alloy material is relatively light, suitable for special ground use, or where weight is required.
Adjustable crane Electric/manual adjustment
The height can be adjusted to solve the problem of the height of the plant, or it is convenient to enter the plant with a relatively low door.
Customized portable crane The appearance can be customized, an alarm device can be added, and various types of electric hoists can be selected.

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