Benefits At A Glance

Main Features

Heavy Duty and High Efficient;

Suitable for any environment ( High Temperature, Explosion Proof and so on);

Long Life Span: 30-50years;

Easy for Installation and maintenance;

Reasonable structure and strong rigidity;

The speed can be frequency inverter speed control;

Control method is cabin control or remote control;

Depending on lifting cargo, crane can be equipped with hanging beam magnet or magnet chuck or Grab or C hook;

Crane is equipped with all moving limit switch, loading limit and other standard safety devices, to promise crane work safe.

Main application

1.mainly used in the port, shipyard, ships at wharf for mechanized handing and transshipment. it includes lifting mechanism, traveling mechanism, rotary mechanism, luffing mechanism. Engineers will design the portal crane according user requirements. Working Environment

2.In-service the wind speed should be no higher than 20m/s.

3.The temperature in the working environment should be in the scope of -20°c~+45°c and relative humidity is no higher than 95% (with dew).

Technical Data

Load capacity :5-40 tons

Arm length :10-40 meter

Used in the port, shipyard, ships at wharf for mechanized handing and transshipment

Single Mast Type

Load Capacity



Working Range

11~30m, 12~35m

12~35m, 13~28m

Wheel Dis.

10.5m, 16m

10.5m, 16m

Lifting Speed



 Luffing speed



Rotating Speed



Traveling Speed




1.Electrical Room


Optimization electrical room's decoration, and spacious access channel embodies the designer's pursuit of ergonomics. Engineers can simply conveniently maintenance for motor, reducer, cable drum facilities.

2.Slewing Mechanism


Slewing mechanism running stable and reliable, with electric interlocking rotation anchor device between rotating parts and door frame. Mast anchor pins installed inside the cylinder of the door frame, anchor detection device can automatically detect berth.



Cabin with Beautiful Design, Wide Vision.Humanization of interior design can reduce operate rs tension and fatigue and improve the working efficiency.

4.Operating Mechanism


The operation mechanism consists of three parts:operation support device, operation drive device and safety device. Its characteristics are sufficient wind resistance, anti skid safety and anti overturning.

The Structure Sketch

Production workshop

Application Installation

Packing & Shipping