Understanding Single Girder Cranes: Functions, Applications, and Models

September 28 , 2023

A single girder overhead crane typically refers to a single girder bridge crane. It is also known as an single beam hoist crane, Electric traveling crane, or simply a single girder crane. The primary beam of a single-girder crane bridge is mostly constructed using I-shaped steel or a combined section of steel profile and steel plate. Lifting trolleys are commonly assembled with hand chain hoists, electric hoists, or hoists as lifting mechanism components. This type of crane finds extensive use in lifting goods across various scenarios, but it’s important to note that its usage is prohibited in environments with flammable, explosive, or corrosive substances.

Weiying single girder cranes offer two operation modes: ground-based and aerial cabin. Ground operations consist of two types: wired pendant handle operation and remote control handle operation. On the other hand, aerial operation involves operating from the driver’s cab. The driver’s cab comes in two variants: open type and closed type. Installation can be tailored based on the actual situation, offering options for left or right installation.

Furthermore, the entrance can be oriented either from the side or the end, allowing users to choose based on their specific needs.

Single-girder bridge cranes find extensive application in machinery manufacturing workshops, metallurgical workshops, petroleum and petrochemical facilities, ports, railways, civil aviation, power stations, papermaking, building materials, electronics, and other industries. They offer advantages such as compact dimensions, low building clearance requirements, lightweight design, and minimal wheel pressure.

In summary, key models of Weiying electric single-girder cranes include LDA electric single-girder crane, HD European single-girder crane, LX suspension crane, LB explosion-proof crane, and LG single-girder grab crane.

Weiying Crane is a leading manufacturer of high-quality lifting and material handling equipment. With a track record of delivering innovative solutions to industries worldwide, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations with top-notch products and exceptional service.

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