Custom electric hoist ready to ship

August 11 , 2022

Today, a batch of electric hoists customized by WEIYING have been successfully tested and ready for delivery.



The following items have been checked by tests:

1. The installation of the trolley should be adjusted according to the width of the I-beam track with a washer to ensure that the gap between the wheel edge and the track is 4-5mm;

2. Installation, wiring and debugging of the lifting weight limiter;

3. Installation and debugging of the limiter (adjust the limit upward, keep the distance between the top of the hook and the drum shell about 200mm, when the limit is lower, the total safety wire rope remaining on the drum should be kept at least 2 circles);

4. Check the refueling amount and oil quality of the reducer;

5. Inspection and adjustment of electronic brakes;

6. Check and ensure that the wiring in the control box is firm, ensure that the insulation resistance is normal, and ensure that the cable wiring in the control box is correct;

7. Check and ensure that the wedge block and wedge sleeve are firmly installed;

8. Check whether the wire rope is normal, avoid bending, corrosion and broken wire;

9. Test no-load operation and load operation.



In order to meet the needs of lifting heavy goods, our factory also produces HC20t electric hoist.


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