500 ton tire gantry crane

September 01 , 2022

A few months ago, an American customer purchased a 500-ton tire gantry crane from us. After several months of discussion, production and commissioning, it was successfully delivered to the customer in August.



The whole machine adopts full hydraulic transmission, both the traveling mechanism and the hoisting mechanism can realize stepless speed change, which can meet the requirements of customers under different working conditions; the traveling mechanism adopts a hydraulic closed circuit, with transmission It has the characteristics of high efficiency and low failure rate. It has perfect safety instructions and overload protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment to the greatest extent. The actions of all institutions are controlled by CAN-BUS bus.



The tire gantry crane is mainly used for ship handling, large component handling, loading, unloading and other workplaces; the use of multi-lifting point combined spreaders can meet the lifting work of customers under various complex working conditions, and the whole machine can It rotates 360° around the geometric center and is flexible.



WEIYING can provide you with the best solutions and after-sales service, and delivery is just the beginning of our service for you.



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