Today marks the ‘立秋’ (Liqiu) solar term in China

August 08 , 2023

“Today marks the ‘立秋’ (Liqiu) solar term in China, heralding the arrival of cooler weather. With this change, factory workers can now carry out their daytime tasks in more comfortable and moderate temperatures, relieving them from the usual grueling high-temperature conditions. This shift not only promotes their well-being but also augments their productivity and focus.

Recognizing the unique challenges posed by extreme summer heat, as a crane manufacturing company, we have adopted a compassionate approach. During the summer months, when temperatures soar, we offer high-temperature allowances to our employees. Moreover, we embrace a human-centered approach by adjusting work schedules according to temperature fluctuations. This ensures that our team can operate in conditions that are both safe and conducive to their performance.

In our commitment to the well-being of our workforce, we go a step further by providing each workgroup with heat-relief essentials. From refreshing ice creams to revitalizing herbal remedies like “藿香正气水” (Huoxiang Zhengqi Water) and succulent slices of watermelon, our aim is to ensure not only their safety but also their comfort. This proactive measure fosters an environment where employees can approach their roles with full enthusiasm and focus.

As we embrace the transition to more comfortable weather during the ‘Liqiu’ solar term, our progressive measures continue to shine. The unique combination of temperature-sensitive scheduling, thoughtful allowances, and heat-relief provisions underscores our commitment to fostering a work environment that values both productivity and well-being. This approach harmonizes seamlessly with the seasonal shift, empowering our dedicated engineers to better serve our valued clients and exemplifying the symbiotic relationship between weather and professional success.

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